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The People in Your Story

We teach our children to say "thank you" to someone for a quick favor or a helping hand; but it takes a lot of intention and a little humility to acknowledge those who have truly made a significant difference in our lives.

When I was a young mother, a woman took an interest in me. She whispered hints into my ear, applauded my efforts in front of others, and spoke positive words over my children and my marriage. She looked me in the eye and said, "You're good at this. You made the right choice. You are making a difference." She drowned out the negative words I would say to myself, generously and graciously heaping valuable time and loving words all around me.

Your life story, like mine, includes characters who have molded your ideas and morals, fostered your mothering style, and honored your efforts as a woman, wife, and mom. Who are the people who have spoken into your life?

  • Who believes in you? Sometimes all you need to keep going is to hear someone say, "You are brave. I know you can do this."

  • Who inspires you to love or do more? Think about someone whose actions or attitudes make you lean forward and say, "I need more of THAT in my life."

  • Who taught you to do something new? Has someone along the way given you a new idea, taught you a skill, or helped you understand the world better?

  • Who has supported you or your family? Whose practical help has provided the foundation you needed to follow your passion? There may be someone who has invested time and energy in your children or husband; or may have helped you carry a load so you could step into something big.

You have people all round you who have contributed to your life. My challenge to you is to take a moment and thank those who have shaped your story.


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